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鈥?Polished aluminium track, steel roller and handle
鈥?10 mm thick clear tempered glass
鈥?Track (bar) may be shortened up to 1484 mm for width (perpendicular) adjustment
鈥?Frameless glass design
鈥?Model consists of two sliding doors
鈥?Effortless sliding operation with large wheel assembly on a stainless steel track (bar)
鈥?Reversible for door opening
鈥?Finished walls are required for accurate shower opening width measurement
鈥?Must be installed on tile or solid surface
鈥?Wall studs or other reinforcement behind finished walls required for installation
鈥?Certification: ISO9001and Shower room Certifications
鈥?Place of Origin: Zhongshan, Guangdong
鈥?Business Type: Manufacturers
Product Details:
Customers good comments without any complaint
Each model is an art without any damage
Excellent technology not afraid the time test
Q&A :
Q: I need the stoppers for the doors can I get extra ?
A: Check with the place where you ordered it
Q: Is this the glass enclosure only? No base, no wall.
A: The desc. says its the glass doors/frame . No walls though.
Q: Does it come with the glass?
A: Yes it comes with the glass
Manufacturer Details:
Where is ALLY?
Quality Testing
To determine the pass of products, we conduct the following testing on related parts:
100,000 times of fatigue sliding testing on wheels;
80,000 times of rolling wear testing on wheels and shafts;
100 kg load testing and tensile testing on handles;
30 kg sandbag impact test at a distance of 1.5m on toughened glass wall;
Leakage testing on seams of water retaining strips;
48-hour salt spray testing on glass and all accessories;
Waterproofing testing on all electrical appliances.
Quality Assurance
We became an ISO9001:2000 certified enterprise in 2001. To supply the most delighting products, we are on the way of continuous improvement. By using advanced science and technology, our quality control group monitors the whole process from design, supply, manufacture, storage, sales to delivery, ensuring the quality of our products.
Quality Principle
Create the most delighting products through continuous improvement.
Target Defective Percent
Shower enclosure: 锕?.19%
Infrared sauna room: 锕?.19%
All the efforts is aimed to gain a customer satisfaction percent above 95%.
Quality Assurance System
We built our factory in line with GB/T19001-1994 national standard, and carried out business activities in compliance with ISO9001 quality system as a certified manufacturer.
In the entire production chain, we adhere to international standards and formulate strict testing standards and methods for accessories.
ALLY Service:
1. ALLY will reply your all inquiry within 12hours by Email, QQ, We chat and so on.
2. ALLY will arrange drawings within 6 days for your custom orders.
3. ALLY will print your OEM brand on each packages when you place container order .
4. ALLY will provide you the latest product information and help you learn more.
ALLY Product Guarantee:
1. ALLY will 100% check the raw material before starting production.
2. ALLY will random check during the processing.
3. ALLY will 100% inspection before final production.
4. ALLY will provide you perfect products in the short time.Customized Sliding Bath Screen

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