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Product Details
Product NamePlastic Washing Machine Shell Mold
Mold designSingle cavity design
Mold selectionUse DIN 1.2311 to produce the main body of the washing machine mould;
Use stainless steel S136 to produce washing
machine control panel mould;
Use DIN 1.2343 to make washing machine water pump mould.
Selection of core pulling and sliderP20H, 2344, 718H die steel
Glue feeding methodHot runner multi-point injection
Ejection systemCylinder ejection, ejection block ejection
cooling systemMulti-point cross short circulation system
Mold cycle (from blanking to trial mold)60-90 working days (except for special circumstances)
Company Profile
TPV (Zhejiang) Mould Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic injection moulds, specializing in the development and manufacture of plastic moulds for household electrical appliances.
Provide customers with various washing machine plastic parts molds: double-tube washing machine mold, single-tube washing machine mold, washing machine control panel mold, washing machine filter mold, washing machine throwing wheel mold, washing machine special water pipe mold, washing machine water pump mold, etc.
TPV people have always believed that only by using more scientific methods can we make better molds.
1.Where is your factory?
In Huangyan District, Taizhou City, China.
2.Can you customize it for customers?
Yes, we can customize according to your needs, we have a research and development department, our designers can design for you, and our technicians can make prototypes.
3.How long is the mold generation cycle?
The total cycle of the mold from blanking to trial mold is 60 working days (except for special circumstances)
4.Do you have after-sales service?
Yes, good after-sales service can handle customer complaints and solve problems for customers.
5.Can you arrange delivery for customers?
Yes, we have very good experience in transportationElectrical Mold factory

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