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Our History
Suzhou Dafang Special Vehicle Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of Baosteel Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd, located in Suzhou Xuguan Industrial Park, with registered capital RMB锟?11,000,000, is a high-tech enterprise, mainly engaging in the fields of research, design and manufacture special purpose engineering vehicles and equipment with its own intellectual property right.
Our Factory
Suzhou Dafang possesses more than 35,000 銕?production plant, 26,000 銕?assembly and testing ground, 15,000 銕?office & research building, with over 120 engineering technicians, among which are 28 senior technicians, and 59 intermediate technicians.
Our Product
Manufacture, sell and lease self-propelled platform hydraulic transporter, special purpose block transporter, gantry crane, combined crane, bridge erection machine, straddle carrier, hydraulic module combined trailer, roadrailer, shield, mechanical boring machine; self-management and agent for import and export all kinds of commodities. (Exclude commodities with operating limit or commodities prohibited to import & export by the state). Provide equipment installation service, technical consult and service; Provide yard transportation service (any business which requires to be approved by law can only be carried out after approved by relevant authorities)
Product Application
Applied for the transportation and roll-on of large structures such as offshore oil platform, petrochemical industry, large hull block, prefabricated girders of highway and railway, etc.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Ever since its establishment, Suzhou Dafang has taken advantages of advanced enterprise management and flexible operational mechanism, with people-oriented value, absorbed lots of professional talents in the fields on mechanism, hydraulic, electric, auto-control, micro-electronic control, bridge engineering and etc. Suzhou Dafang has built good cooperative relationship with SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) and Tianjin University, in the R&D of technology and competitive R&D team has become technology partners, which has successfully completed the designing & manufacturing of special vehicles and equipments involved in highway, express railway, water diversion project, magnetically levitated train project, tunnel project, shipyard, port construction etc. Suzhou Dafang possesses self- intellectual property rights, and has acquired many national patents. Many research fruits have filled up the vacancy in China, the commercialization rate of research findings is up to 80%, and the quality of our products, which are highly praised by experts and customers, have reached Province-ranked Excellence and Nation-ranked Excellence.
Production Market
My company's products have been sold to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions, tonnage of 50 tons -1000 tons.
My company's products have been sold more than 300 domestic units, tonnage 50 tons -1000 tons.
Our Service
Suzhou Dafang will, as always, adhere to the operation goal of Honest Business, Best Quality, Best Reputation and Best Service, and provide high quality products and perfect service.
Designing method
Adopt international advanced three-dimensional virtual design, to complete virtual simulation running test.
Production organization method
Possess own processing, testing and assembly base for key technology, mechanism and mechanical manufacturing of social production factors and large & medium-sized enterprises. Proceed with scale, standardization production, to realize the product industrialization.
Assembly ability
Possess over 35000m high level general assembly workshop, providing excellent basis for production, assembly and testing of equipment. Meanwhile, there鈥檚 a technician team with high technical standards and ideological standards. Strict processing, assembly and testing technics is made to guarantee assembling quality of the products.
Quality control system
During research process, strictly comply with ISO Quality Assurance System to control quality, including design control, production processing control (includes evaluation & quality control of outsourcing and sub-contractor), sale& service control. A quality control group was set up for special construction and mechanism, meanwhile special technics and technics evaluation standards are made to guarantee final assembly quality of the products.Metallurgical Transporter quotation

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