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As the producer of baling Press Strapping in china, Strapping Pack Co.,Ltd. specialize in manufacturing and exporting a range of baling Press Strapping. Baling press strapping can be hand tied to secure compacted bales, drums or awkward palletised products. Will not tear or fray and can be used in conjunction with heavy duty steel buckles to allow it to be re-tensioned should the product settle or move. 60mm and 76mm diameter core to suit most standard waste compactors and baling machines

Reels of bale strapping, also known as balestrap or baling strap
Strong, safe alternative to baling wire
Secure and lightweight
Ideal for heavy loads, awkward loads and compacting bales
Very high capacity to absorb shocks during transport
Coil fits most popular makes of compactors / balers
Specification:Hot Melt Strapping

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