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Dear everyone,
It is still very popular since 1994 and now it is more common for everywhere. This machine we have sold to many different countries, like the Philippines, South Africa, Kenya, India, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Canada, Namibia, etc. If you want to buy this machine, you can send inquiry to us, and we will contact our local customer in your country, you can go to their working factory to check the brick machine working process and that quality. We also provide you local service, about this concrete blocks machine, if you have any problems need to solve, we supply video for you, or if you need, we can dispatch engineers to your country and help you.
Technical Parameter
cycle24spallet size850*550*25mm
capacity4800pcs /8hrs for 400*200*200mm hollow block14400pcs/8hrs for 240*115*90mm hollow block28800pcs/8hrs for 240*115*53mm solid
The Models of our Block Making Machine include QT12-15,QT10-15,QT8-15,QT4-15,QT4-24,QT4-26,QT40-1,QT40-2,etc.Each model has different Configuration. Our company also owns QMT10-15 Concrete Block Making Machine and QMJ6-30 Mobile Concrete Block Making Machine.
How could we take over the Equipment?
At present, our customers come across more than Ninety Countries around the world. They are using our machine, but most of our machines spread in Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. We will book the Container from the shipment agent when the machine is finished. Then the truck will take the Container to our factory for loading, and back to the nearest port after finish loading. The shipping agent will transport the Container to designated port where the customers can take over the machine. We also can be responsible for transporting the Equipment to Inland City, but according to our previous experiences, it will be saving transport costs if customers can cover the Inland Transport by yourself.
When is the best time to invest in cement brick machine? Early investment and early benefit, we must also combine with the surrounding environment of the brick factory to analyze various data in order to have an accurate judgment. If you are interested, we will analyze it with you.
In the whole range, the cement brick machine is in a brilliant period, now investment will certainly have a good return, some people think, can't let the house price rise, otherwise our country's economy on the one hand will be unstable, more importantly, the people's will be unstable. At present, we should continue to increase efforts in the aspect of residential de investment. As long as the housing is well done, it is better for the commercial real estate to let the market decide. As long as the price of commercial real estate is not too high to affect commercial development, the price of commercial real estate will not affect people's livelihood and social stability.Hollow Block Machine price

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