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This hinoki wood cutting board is naturally antimicrobial, anti-stain, and self-healing of grooves and scars. As hinoki is a softer wood, it will keep your knives sharp for a long time. Thin design makes this cutting board ultra-lightweight and portable.
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Hinoki is a traditional Japanese wood material. It is a type of cypress that only grows in Japan. Hinoki is well known with its unique wood character such as beautiful grain, scent and durability. Horyuji, the oldest temple in Japan and the world鈥檚 longest surviving wooden structure, is made of Hinoki.
Wood Material: Hinoki (Japanese Cypress)
Slat Width: 50mm
Colors: primary colors or Custom Color Matching Available
The charm of Japanese Hinoki
Since ancient times, Japanese have been fond of building houses with wood, among which Hinoki is considered to be the best building and interior decoration material.Japanese Hinoki not only has good durability, corrosion resistance and processability, but also has the function of keeping living environment comfortable and making people feel comfortable.
These characteristics of juniper are widely used in furniture, cutting board and other products.
In particular, Japanese juniper bathtub fragrance rich, is considered to be the most high-end bathtub.
Japan's forest area accounts for 70% of the territory. In Japanese culture, life is closely related to trees
Among them, Japanese favorite tree is Japanese Hinoki.
1. Strength
After 200 years of cutting, the intensity of Sabina chinensis increased continuously, and it took 1000 years to recover to the original strength.
The oldest existing wooden building in the world, "FaLong Temple" (Nara Prefecture, Japan), was built with Japanese juniper. Although it has been built for 1300 years, 65% of the wood used at that time is still in use.
After cutting 2-3 mm from the wood pillars 1300 years ago, the fragrance of cypress can still be smelled.
2. Processability
Easy processing, good paint performance, dry shrinkage.
3. Corrosion resistance, durability and pest control
It contains anti-bacterial and anti mildew ingredients, and has high corrosion resistance.
It contains the taboo ingredients of termites and ticks, and has strong resistance to insect pests.
The extracted essential oil can be used as bactericide and insecticide.
4. Odor and VOC dilution
It can absorb formaldehyde and other harmful substances causing sick building syndrome and dilute its concentration.
Terpene and other components in Sabina chinensis absorb harmful substances, and the wood structure of Sabina chinensis has the function of deodorizing and absorbing harmful substances.
5. Fragrance has sedative and awakening effects
The fragrance of trees comes from phytocide, which has sedative and refreshing components.
Sedative effect can make people calm, reduce mental pressure and relieve fatigue.
The awakening function makes the human brain clear, and the study and work progress smoothly.
6.Humidity adjustment function
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