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Product description锛?/strong>
When electricity is used, the average daily power consumption is usually around a few degrees. Generally through the sensor on the upper and lower water level monitoring, the control system depends on the water level or water pressure to control the actuator, and then control the valve opening, accurately control the flow through the valve. Complex equipment calibration is not required on site.Can accurately maintain a constant flow rate.
Design specification:
Valve name:Steel Regulating valve
Design criteria:GB/T 10869
Nominal size:DN300---DN2000锛?2----80鈥?/p>
Nominal pressure:0.6---2.5(Mpa)
Applicable medium:The temperature is -20 ~ 120鈩?water
Q. Do you have a export licence?
A. Yes.
Q. Do you have after-sale service?
A. Yes, Good after-sale service, handling the customer complaint and solve problem for customers.
Q. What's your products?
A. Valve fasteners(bolts and nuts),Valves of metal锛孷alve actuator锛宖langed pipe fittingsWholesale Hydraulic Control Valve

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